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Packaging systems for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry

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Osmosis systems, turboemulsifiers, melters, agitators and mixers

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Semiautomatic filling and dosing machines, linear capping and filling systems, single-dose packing systems.

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Linear labeling systems, systems for serialization and tamper-evident Pharma labeling.

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Accumulation tables.

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Blistering machines, counters for capsules or tablets, capsule filling systems.


Keep track of the machinery that we offer through our YouTube channel. You can find many videos showing our machines and explaining their functioning. Just take a look…what are you waiting for??

Frequently Asked

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Why choosing to buy MACCO machinery?

Our LABELLING, FILLING and CAPPING systems are extremely versatile. Buying one of our machines means being able to work with a wide variety of sizes and products. Our LABELLING systems manage to put correctly any kind of label on any kind of bottle. For instance, this includes transparent labels and elliptical bottles. Our FILLING systems can manage any kind of fluid (liquid, semi-liquid, or dense). We describe our CAPPING systems as “all-purpose”, because a single machine is able to process a wide variety of packaging. These systems are a top choice for contractors, as they help them to deal with the common packaging issues they face every day.

Why choosing to buy an Industry 4.0 product?

The digitization of Industry has deeply renewed the supply chain. In the last few years the way of working and the shape of companies have been changing owing also to the strong commitment of the government. To profit from this incentives is a strategic opportunity for business. It allows them not only to renew their machinery and their style of manufacturing, but also to reach a broader range of target customers.

Why choosing to buy a product supplied with remote assistance technology?

MACCO is always there for you! For our customers remote assistance means finding a specific solution for any issue, without waiting for the arrival of a technician on their production sites. Remote assistance is crucial especially in the first management steps or during delicate procedures such as format changeovers or product variations. It allows our technicians to operate in real time, and to optimize the performance of the machine.

Is it possible to see the machinery available at your plant?

Macco Group designs and manufactures a wide range of machinery, and if you visit us you will be able to see the machines under construction. However, if the machine you’re about to buy doesn’t fall into this category, it doesn’t mean that you can’t see it. Our long term experience allowed us to expand our customer base, both in Italy and abroad. Among those customers we can find a list of plants where you could see the machinery you’re interested in, even during an operating cycle.

Why a high-quality product requires high-quality water?

High-quality water is free of impurities, calcium and magnesium salts. These are all elements that would have a negative impact on the product you’re working on. The more pure the water, the higher the quality of the final output. In reverse osmosis systems water flows at high pressure levels through particular fibres which retain the dissolved salts. Water reaches a purity level of about 10 μ/S.

Why choosing to buy a turboemulsifier?

Vacuum turbo-emulsifiers are widely employed in various industrial fields in order to develop products with high organoleptic and microbiological quality. So, thanks to the vacuum system, the absence of air prevents volume increase and oxidation, giving the product a higher cohesion and transparency, as in gels. The constant movement of the blades guarantees excellent homogenization and micronisation with various raw materials.

What information do I need in order to receive a targeted offer?

You need to know exactly what kind of product you will be packaging and producing. This means that you should explain us the product features, your producing volumes and the hourly amount you want to work on, the packaging you need and the plant space you have. Often there is few space in laboratories, and we need to optimize it at its best. Finally, we also need to know your budget.

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