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About Us

MACCO aims at engineering and providing innovative, reliable, and extremely versatile solutions on every project. Our machines allow the customer to address any production problem and satisfy any market demand.

Nowadays MACCO is a leading international manufacturer with a production capacity that constantly strengthens the quality of customer service.

Our company not only entirely manufactures the machinery, but offers also professional assistance for the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industry.

Macco will support you with expert design advice on new plants and production sites; technical support; fittings and spare parts; machinery servicing (see section “remade in MACCO”); technical training for our customer staff; Industry 4.0 technology.

Our top priority is to answer and advise the customer all the way through the production process by offering a wide range of machinery and professional services.

A production line that is 100% MADE IN ITALY – 100% MADE IN MACCO

Mission and Concept

MACCO’s mission and concept is to design and manufacture innovative, reliable, and extremely versatile machinery. MACCO devices help you to solve any production or packaging issue with faster and more competitive response times compared to market demands.

Production Capacity

Turbo-emulsifiers, melters, dosing machines, filling units, capping units, labeling units, capsule filling systems, counters for capsules or tablets, blistering machines, and much more. MACCO Group stands out for its remarkable production capacity, which contributes to boost the quality of our machinery, professional services and working flexibility.

High Quality Products

Our team will guarantee you machinery with excellent quality and maximum performances, and will help you to successfully deal with national and international market competitiveness.


The company was founded in 1987 dealing with the overhaul and maintenance of machines for packaging and production (photo: overhauled turboemulsifier). After the first few years of detailed study of this kind of machinery, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, Macco’s shape began to change.

It is in fact in the early 90’s that the company moves its first steps as a builder, and where it begins to put to good use the years spent studying the competition.

In 1995 Macco’s first linear capping machine was already born, and it will be the inspiration for what is today one of the company’s most successful products.

2016 marks a turning point. Macco acquires a new production area that allows a greater business development. Since then, Macco’s history is a continuous and inexorable crescendo, which brings it out of the national borders to arrive in foreign markets all over the world (Europe, Canada, United States, Brazil, India, Israel and Africa) alongside the world’s largest pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

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