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What information do I need in order to receive a targeted offer?

You need to know exactly what kind of product you will be packaging and producing. […]

Why choosing to buy a product supplied with remote assistance technology?

MACCO is always there for you! For our customers remote assistance means finding a specific […]

Why choosing to buy an Industry 4.0 product?

The digitization of Industry has deeply renewed the supply chain. In the last few years […]

Why choosing to buy MACCO machinery?

Our LABELLING, FILLING and CAPPING systems are extremely versatile. Buying one of our machines means […]

Why choosing to buy a turboemulsifier?

Vacuum turbo-emulsifiers are widely employed in various industrial fields in order to develop products with […]

Why a high-quality product requires high-quality water?

High-quality water is free of impurities, calcium and magnesium salts. These are all elements that […]

Is it possible to see the machinery available at your plant?

Macco Group designs and manufactures a wide range of machinery, and if you visit us […]