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Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0

New digital technologies have deeply affected the industrial production process. The use of data, computing power and connectivity has deeply changed thanks to total centralization and storage of information.

As a matter of fact, nowadays it is quite profitable to invest in “machine learning”, that is making machines able to automatically learn and improve from the experience and data they collect and analyze. Even though data collection is cost-effective and worthwhile, today only 1% of the collected data is actually employed by companies.

The new digital technologies have also transformed the interaction between man and machine. Today touchscreen interfaces are extremely common and equipped with vision systems such as increased reality.

Last but not least, there’s a new way of using energy resources for the production process. It is smarter, more careful and it aims at saving and optimizing energy consumption.

This is also our revolution. Our goal is to guide our customers step by step in this direction: destination FUTURE.

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