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ETA Track &Trace


The TRACK & TRACE labelling system may be designed as follows:

  • weighing system + top labeling + tamper evident labelling
  • top labelling + tamper evident labelling
  • only top labelling
  • only tamper evident labelling

Features of the system:

  • Bearing structure in AISI304 satin-finished stainless steel with adjustable anti-vibration support feet.
  • Product weighing, infeed belt for the conveying of incoming products from the line, couple of clamp belts (as launchers).
  • Couple of parallel toothed conveyor belts  with pushers, crossover adjustment and synchronous motorization.
  • Variable print and data control system.
  • Pharmaceutical bollino label application and control
  • Encoder assy
  • Tamper-evident application device equipped with height micro regulation adjustment and nonius position indicator
  • Two folding and finishing devices for the tamper application with mechanical adjustment
  • Tamper evident labelling control system
  • Air blowing product rejection device with lockable reject tray and rejecting control system
  • Stainless steel control panel standard-equipped with touch screen display
  • Pneumatic circuit with air filter assy, pressure regulator, quick discharge solenoid valve and pressure switch
  • 3 colors light tower with audible warning device to report the running state, alarms and warnings
  • Polycarbonate full safety guard

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