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MRT-6-2/EL Linear filling machine with 6 anti-drip nozzles and two sealing and capping units


Linear filling machine with 6 anti-drip nozzles. Linear filling with continuous motion walking beam of liquid, foaming, dense, and semi-dense products. The machine is equipped with dosing units driven by brushless motors with a dosage range of 20 ml. up to 1,000 ml.

Double application and welding systems for aluminium foils.
Capping unit for plugs.

Double capping unit equipped with “universal” capping-heads for: screw caps; mini triggers; droppers; round caps; safety caps.
Capping unit for pressure caps.

Automatic outfeed system for stable and unstable bottles and release of empty pucks.

The entire line is equipped with recipe/format storage, remote assistance, Industry 4.0 technology, and “Machine advisor” machine-man interface.

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