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OSM/eco systems are reverse osmosis systems designed specifically for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry. Water turns into chemically and microbiologically pure with low electrical conductivity thanks to the ultrafiltration treatment at high pressure, thus avoiding hydrolytic splits to the finished product. The plant is a cost-effective solution with a compact layout, even if it is equipped with the same accessories installed on high-caliber plants. It is tailored to fit your needs with its good quality/price ratio, and it is extremely easy to use. On average, the water produced in our plants has a microbiological load of less than 10 ufc/g.l and an electrical conductivity of 10 μ/S.

It is equipped with double pre-filtering system, self-ventilated pump motor powered by adapter and coupling, and rotary pump with brass body. Available for hourly production from 100 to 300 lt.

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