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MACCO’s history began with the reconditioning and updating of old machinery for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.


Thanks to its wide experience, the REMADE department in MACCO allows you to give new life to your used machines.

Technology and safety legislation have undergone significant changes over the last 20 years, especially after the review of Italian law 626, now decree 81/08. Nowadays companies are increasingly asked to adapt their machinery to new regulations
, even if these are still highly productive and reliable.

In addition to carrying out a complete check-up, our team is able to update the machine or the entire production line from every point of view, making it up to current standards, and also releasing the corresponding CE documentation.

Our experience and attention to sustainability have taught us to value every machine and every part of it. REMADE IN MACCO project aims at reconditioning used machines or production lines in compliance with current regulations.

The mechanical, electrical and software renovation will give new life to a machine, that because of age or incompatibility with new packaging or products would be disposed.

Aiming at increasing its productive competitiveness, REMADE IN MACCO’s Team overhauls the valid components of the machine, making the necessary technological updates, and creates a new technical file with a use and maintenance manual. The machine or the line is thus ready to operate in our customer’s productive cycle, and it can also be equipped with MACCO Industry 4.0 technologies:

  • MACCO Memory Touch Technology
  • MACCO Remote Assistance
  • MACCO Augmented Reality
  • MACCO Machine Advisor


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