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Sales department

MACCO’s commercial office available for any technical advice or assistance. We aim at understanding the needs of our customer and provide them the perfect solution to the most diverse preparation and packaging issues for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Remote assistance

MACCO has believed and invested in Industry 4.0 technologies right from the start, enhancing customer support. Industry 4.0 devices and technologies are crucial to efficiently carry out and manage remote assistance services. This new technology has indeed allowed us to be connected at all times with our clients all over the world, and to guarantee technical support in record time.

Layout study of your production plant

Thanks to its wide experience in cosmetic and pharmaceutical production, MACCO is able to offer you a layout study of your production plant, advising you how to design your productive areas. This means that we will help you to organize effectively entire production lines without wasting the available space, but rather making optimum use of it, speeding up the production process and eliminating long waiting times. In this way we not only improve the production efficiency, but we also help our customers to achieve their production goals faster.

Technical support

MACCO’s technicians will provide you the right solution to your needs. Our staff is actively involved in solving any technical issue according to the needs of your products.


This concept takes inspiration from our dedicated technical support and involves the overhaul and renovation of used machinery not complying to current EC regulations, therefore considered to be at the end of their production capacity.

REMADE in MACCO Service intends to renovate the machinery’s electro-mechanical features , carrying out a technical dossier and a new use and maintenance manual, allowing you to make your old machinery fully efficient.

It will also be possible to integrate the machine with MACCO Industry 4.0 technologies:

  • MACCO Memory Touch Technology
  • MACCO Remote assistance
  • MACCO Augmented Reality
  • MACCO Machine Advisor

After sales support

Our after-sales services guarantee maximum support and best advice over time. Macco’s team will provide you with the design, manufacture, delivery and testing of your production line, and will deal with the training of your staff.

Spare Parts

MACCO strives to guarantee an efficient assistance service for its customers all over the world, and is able to ensure best quality and fast delivery of spare parts, as well as technical support at your production plant.


Although our machines are intuitively designed, MACCO staff is available for as long as necessary to do specific trainings on its machinery. Training for MACCO means:

  • guiding the customer step by step in the use of the machine, explaining its operation, and helping to optimize its performance;
  • training the customer’s technicians team regarding maintenance practices and the basics to increase the life of the machine and the line of which it is part.

Construction Phases

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